Having grown up in South East London, Abigail Whitfield went to study at Chelsea College of Art and Design where she discovered the value of the handcrafted in modern life.

Having fallen in love with the complexity of construction and unlimited possibilities, patchwork quilting is her main focus. Naturally dyed, cut, pieced and quilted by hand these objects are intended to intrigue, encourage conversation and last a lifetime, finding their place as a modern day heirloom.


Being based in a studio in the Georgian Mansion set within the ancient woodlands of Beckenham Place Park, the origins of all materials used has become even more important. Every element of each design is carefully sourced. Using only the highest quality organic and fair-trade materials, all are dyed by hand with only natural dyes, many of which have been foraged from the parkland surrounding the studio. Each piece is made to order with a focus on craftsmanship. This approach means each piece is unique; to mark this every item is numbered and dated.